The Urban Garden: How to Bring the Outdoors In

by The Atelier May 17, 2023

If you’re living in the city like us, it’s easy to forget about all the benefits of the greenery beyond the borders of your urban oasis. Adding a some plants to your space instantly enhances decor, purifies the air, and makes people happy. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of easy ways to bring a little bit of the outdoors to your indoor space.

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Leafy greens are great for occupying empty corners or filling shelf space! Go big and add texture with indoor houseplants, or keep it simpler with tiny potted plants. Local farmers’ markets, home improvement stores and even Ikea are great places to find a variety of indoor plants.

(image: STAK Ceramics)

If you’re limited on space or maybe you’re constantly on-the-go and unsure about committing to houseplants, this ceramic iPhone dock is the answer to all your problems. With a variety of shades and sizes to choose from, just add a low maintenance succulent, which can usually be found at your local farmers’ market or florist.

(image: @mnouc)

Another great way to decorate with plants is to start your own urban herb garden. Make the most of your greens by using them as decor in the living room and flavoring in the kitchen! Herbs need as much natural light as possible so try to place them in a spot where they can get at least four hours of sun a day. If you’re planting your herbs indoors, make sure they’re potted in a container that allows for drainage. For more tips specific to your urban herb garden, read here.

Here are some helpful tips to keep that greenery alive:

  1. Know how much sunlight your plant requires and place it accordingly in your home
  2. Know yourself. If you love to nurture and check in on your plants, choose something that needs a decent amount of attention like a fern. If not, maybe choose something in the succulent family that thrives on neglect.
  3. Water your plants, but don’t drown them! Some greens are low maintenance and can survive on one watering per week. Overwatering can be just as harmful as under watering.
  4. Buy from a reliable source. How the plant was cared for before it made its way to your home is important – we generally recommend buying from a local nursery or farmer's market as opposed to a big retailer.

- Becca Rose

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