Heres How: The Atelier’s Guide to Being the Perfect Parisian in Philadelphia

by Jenna Angelo September 07, 2023

Although we dream of spending our days filled with café hopping and shopping the streets of Champs Elysées, we fully believe it's possible to transport la vie Parisienne to Philadelphia. Here's how ...

(images above: @jennamangelo)

Eats: For fresh and airy al fresco dining, Parc and Devon are our go-to bistros for great eats – including a delectable bread basket and steamy espresso with a side of people watching. Stop by Miel Patisserie for a macaron or three. Oui, s’il vous plaît!

(images above: @jennamangelo)

Facades: Philadelphia is covered in French-inspired architecture and detailed facades. Even City Hall’s design mirrors qualities of French landmarks like the Louvre. When you have time, we recommend going for a long Parisian-inspired stroll around the city to take it all in – it'll feel like you've popped on a French tour for the day.

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Art: The Rodin Museum and gardens house one of the largest collections of Auguste Rodin’s finest work (including his famous Thinker sculpture). If you aren’t feeling French enough at this point, take lunch at the lavender garden outside – you may just find yourself thinking you’re breathing the air in Provence. The Philadelphia Museum of Art also offers a large selection of French Impressionist art, including the works of Monet and Degas.

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Jenna Angelo
Jenna Angelo


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Lydia Marie elizabeth

September 08, 2023

This is such a cute post! I am often wishing I’m in Paris, and I love your concept of finding what you want where you are. What better place than Philadelphia to daydream about Paris! Thanks for posting this!! ??

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